Media Campaign

Since 2000, Alliance for Life Ontario invested in a two-fold pro-life television advertising campaign in order to reach out to women experiencing crisis pregnancies and to encourage a culture of life within our province. Click here to view our promotional brochure.

Our campaign is tailored to people who identify themselves as pro-choice or unsure on the issue of abortion. Our ads enable us to influence the views of over 13 million Ontarians regarding abortion.

We have conducted several polls to gauge the attitudes of Ontarians on abortion as well as quantifying the effectiveness of our commercials. Click here for more information on polling results.

The commercials we choose to air are gentle, yet powerful. You can view them below.

Hero Commercial

The Hero commercial reaches out to men. We know that the majority of women in crisis pregnancy find themselves abandoned by the father of their unborn child and this in large part forces them to resort to abortion.

Milk Carton

The Milk Carton commercial shows a line of women and men processing through a barren wasteland holding milk cartons which bear the face of a missing child due to abortion. Numerous cartons are seen to be placed, one after another, on the hard cracked ground to form a surreal memorial. The commercial states:

Vanished Commercial

Our “VANISHED” commercial highlights the 3 million unborn Canadians who have been killed by abortion since 1969. It poses the question, “What have we been missing?”

“In 1969 the Canadian Government liberalized our abortion laws abandoning all protection for children in the womb. The Supreme Court of Canada struck these laws down in 1988 further abandoning expectant mothers to the abortion industry. We have tolerated 43 years of abortion in Canada resulting in 3.5 million missing children, teens and young adults. While, we know how all of them disappeared, we will never know what they had to offer. See what we’ve been missing.”

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Working together with our member groups,  churches, businesses and individuals we are saving mothers and their  babies from abortion.

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