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Research for a Cure

AFLO’s Position on Stem Cell Research

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are diagnosed with, or die of, debilitating diseases or injury. The impact of preventable diseases not only affects those who are ill, but also their families, their friends, their colleagues and their communities. Each of us longs for the day when the world will be rid of devastating diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many more. Scientists are hopeful that day will come, particularly since the advent of stem cell research.

Alliance for Life Ontario supports stem cell research, but there is a distinct difference between embryonic and adult stem cell research that often becomes blurred by the bio-tech industry and various research foundations. While it is important to support research for cures to devastating diseases on behalf of the sick and disabled, we must also make known the embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of human life and therefore directly contradicts the very purpose of medical science.

The great moral principle of respect for every human being places limits on what we can do to some for the benefit of others. This principle forbids the treatment of living human beings at any stage or in any condition as exploitable and expendable “research material.”

Through adult stem cell research has a long history of producing real cures, the information through mainstream media and some research organizations tends to ignore and obscure the medical breakthroughs that have been made by adult stem cell research. Playing on the emotions of suffering patients and giving them empty promises of cures while neglecting to inform them of scientific advances resulting in real cures, is disturbing.

The fact remains, embryonic stem cell research not only destroys innocent human life, it also has not produced any scientific benefits; not a single person has been cured. By contrast adult stem cell research, a process that protects the sanctity of life, has already produced numerous medical cures.

Pro-lifer’s in Canada who wants to donate their money to medical research often find themselves in an ethical dilemma as so many respected organizations are now invested in embryonic stem cell research. They question the allocation of funds invested in this research that has proven to be unsuccessful. Those who oppose embryonic stem cell research are often accused of being callously against research that will help the suffering of so many, while caring more about the “excess” embryos that are no longer need by the couple. Pro-lifers do not want to stand in the way of real progress, rather they recognize the equality of all human beings, therefore there is no such thing as “excess” life.

The fact that an “excess embryo” is going to “die anyway” does not justify experimentation on, or exploitation of, him or her.

Visit our Stem Cell Research page to become informed on the tremendous progress of ethical stem cell research.

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The Questions of Stem Cells
By Fr. Dan Mindling

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