Much of the debate about abortion centres on whether the child before birth is a human person. Those advocating for abortion claim that the science of embryology and fetology are not able to prove that a fully human and unique individual exists at the moment of conception/fertilization.

It has been over forty years since Canada liberalized our abortion law. Today, science and technological advances, such as ultra-sound and intrauterine photography prove the humanity of the child in the womb.

Personhood is the legal recognition and protection of every human being, irrespective of the means of procreation, age, health and physical or mental dependency from the beginning of their biological development to their natural death.

The fight for legal personhood for the pre-born child is the human rights issue of our time. Political ideology and convoluted jurisprudence should not permit the continued discrimination towards the youngest member of the human family.

The RIGHT TO LIFE is THE fundamental human right.  We believe the time has come for our government to extend full legal protection to every human being from their biological beginnings to natural death.

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