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Pro-lifers must eschew gestational limits

New paper by Jakki Jeffs shows flaws in International Abortion Standards Law By Dan Di Rocco, The Interim Muddled thinking leads to fatal errors. This is no more so than in the subject of gestational limits, which refers to the age of the unborn child measured in number of weeks This may be a terse way to describe the misguided efforts of WeNeedALaw and the Association for Reformed Political Action both of whom support gestational limits. Mike Schouten, spokesperson for ARPA, espouses the initiative that Canada pass abortion legislation similar to or based on what is called the [...]

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Fearfully, Wonderfully Made

Fearfully, Wonderfully Made The Questions of Stem Cells By Fr. Dan Mindling There is a reason why the church is so concerned with embryos and stem cells with birth control and birth technologies. It is not that the church is obsessed with sex. Rather, the church speaks of the beginnings of life because only with the eyes of faith can anyone see what is really going on! And this is what’s going on: God is behind the conception of every human being, of every single embryo. Only with the eyes of faith can we grasp that [...]

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What Abortion Clinics Tell Women and the Research that Refutes their Claims

If a woman is considering an abortion, most people would agree that she has a right to know the possible risks and complications. But is that what is happening in Canada/Ontario’s abortion clinics? Find out what they’re telling women and then look at the research in this eye opening document entitled The Right to Know. Contents include: Clinic Claim #1 ‐ There is no connection between breast cancer and abortion Clinic Claim #2 ‐ The fetus cannot feel pain until the third trimester Clinic Claim #3 ‐ There is not a medical condition called Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Clinic [...]

What Abortion Clinics Tell Women and the Research that Refutes their Claims2019-11-18T17:51:02+00:00

Having Trouble Getting Abortion Statistics?

Alliance for Life Ontario has compiled the abortion data in an effort to provide you with the most accurate information available. See link below. NEW DOWNLOAD! Click here to view Canada-wide statistics, A compilation, Prepared July 2013 “Induced abortion” is a medical term that is synonymous with therapeutic abortion, artificial abortion, voluntary termination of pregnancy, elective termination of pregnancy and active termination of pregnancy. In 1969, the government amended the law expanding the case where abortion was legal to include the threat to the mother’s health as well as her life. Since then, abortion statistics increased drastically and yet [...]

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Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming Approximately two weeks ago I sent the newly published Abortion Worldwide Report to every MP in Canada on behalf of our  provincial board, our member groups across Ontario, the thousands of their members and on behalf of every pro-life Canadian. This initiative is part of the educational portion of a wider campaign entitled The Petition of One Million which is endeavouring to raise 1 million signatures requesting that our Parliament consider extending legal protection to every single human from his/her biological beginning. A daunting task I grant you but a worthy one if we gain [...]

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29th Annual General Meeting and Conference

29th Annual General Meeting and Conference Please join us for our 29th Annual General Meeting and Conference on Saturday June 23rd at the Holiday Inn and Conference Centre, Scottsdale Drive, Guelph Ontario Click here to download our poster and to register. See schedule below: A human being is a human being no matter how… SCHEDULE 9.15am-10.45am AFLO Annual General Meeting Break 11.00am- 12.30pm Dr. Theresa Deisher Ethics and potential health risks of the use of human DNA in childhood vaccines Lunch on your own 2:00pm- 3:00pm Blaise Alleyne A Guide to Discussing Assisted Suicide Break 3:15pm– 4:30pm Dr [...]

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New Commercial Focusing on Pressure to Abort

New Commercial Focusing on Pressure to Abort  Many women faced with an unwanted pregnancy may view abortion as their only solution. They may lack moral and practical support from their family and friends. Statistics indicate that women who have had abortions were encouraged to do so by boyfriends or parents. According to the Elliot Institute, “Up to 64 percent of abortions involve feelings of being pressured to have an abortion, and other factors, such as rushed, deceptive, negligent or conflicted or profit-driven counselling, can also have a significant and often [...]

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The King’s Good Servant, But God’s First

The King’s Good Servant, But God’s First Dear Prime Minister, If you have a moment you might be interested in seeing the clip on the facebook page below. While Mr Trump has his critics he knows he has a duty to protect the life of all US citizens including those in the womb and also to respect the worldview of pro-life Americans. You appear to believe in a totalitarian system of government. Rather than protect every Canadian’s life from fertilization you champion a non-existent right to abortion at the cost of the fundamental rights and freedoms [...]

The King’s Good Servant, But God’s First2019-11-25T19:22:01+00:00

Our response to PM Trudeau’s Statement on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Our response to PM Trudeau’s Statement on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women … That means valuing the voices of women and girls, fighting the injustices and inequalities that put the most vulnerable women at the greatest risk of violence,…Today, let us move forward together to build a future where everyone’s rights are protected, and everyone’s voices are heard. Dear Prime Minister, The above are just a few of the words in your statement today on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. While we applaud the sentiment and your apparent [...]

Our response to PM Trudeau’s Statement on National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women2019-11-25T19:05:19+00:00

Letter to PM Trudeau on #NationalChildDay

Letter to PM Trudeau on #NationalChildDay Today, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement on National Child Day: READ HERE Below is our response: Dear Prime Minister, I received the press release today regarding “National Child Day”. While I applaud the sentiments in the press release, there remains one glaring contradiction and that is concerning the “child’ in the womb. Canadian Criminal Code 223 (1) and (2) You state “The toughest issues of our time – fighting climate change, making gender equality a reality, building a fairer, more inclusive world – have no easy solutions.” [...]

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