Brave young woman shares her devastating abortion pill story

“…My bed became my baby’s grave…”

At 19 Natalia, found herself pregnant and readily admits that ”fear took over my life” despite the strong “instinct to love and protect my baby..” Listening to Natalia, she represents so many young women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. She suffered deep inner conflict, hours of coercion by friends and family, little support from those offering her induced abortion for any alternatives. In fact, she was told that she could not cope with the changes that a baby would bring into her life and that abortion was the safest, easiest and of course most “to hand” choice she should make. Mail order abortion is becoming the new “thing” and many young women, like Natalia are being sucked in by its promise of privacy which Natalie describes in hindsight as “isolation”.

Natalia explains that she went to the abortion facility and left twice but no one there read the signs, the third time she took the pills but then waited for two weeks in which she described herself among other things as “waiting for help”. By the time she took the pills she was 10 and a half weeks pregnant and admits that after taking the first pill she did not want to take the rest of the prescription but had no idea that at that point a reversal would have been available.

She describes the emotional and physical pain that she underwent and the total shock of seeing her little boy, not the blood and clots that she had been told to expect. When you read Natalia’s story know that over 20,000 women in Ontario went through this in the year 2019/2020.We agree with Natalia, that women deserve better than this”

Medical abortion is fast becoming the abortion of “choice”, but the amazing news is that over 3,000 babies have been saved by the abortion pill reversal protocol and 142 Canadian women have contacted Abortion PIll Rescue, 70 of them having started the reversal protocol. Please send this information far and wide and help us save both women and their babies from becoming victims of the medical abortion industry.