Good Morning Mayor Morgan,

Given City Council’s current discussion regarding fetal imagery, I suppose it is useless to ask if we could have a set of these bronze images outside the London Health Sciences Centre? Strange that in Qatar, a country with a more closed and oppressive society than Canada, the government is not afraid of publicly portraying the “Truth” of fetal development. You have to ask why London City Council appears to believe it has a duty to gatekeep information from Londoners regarding the victims of abortion. Possibly, your City Council needs to be reminded that we live in an open society and as has been recognized by a Councilor, we have a guaranteed freedom of speech and opinion. How are people ever to have an informed opinion regarding such a national discussion as induced abortion if London City Council blocks out part of the facts important for Londoners to know?

If Council starts down this oppressive track based on private opinion, turned now into public policy, what will be the next thing on Council’s ”we must not let the people see list”?




Jakki Jeffs
Executive Director
Alliance for Life Ontario