Canadian Censorship denies a second chance at choice and an informed choice

We return this month to the abortion pill and you will see 10 new short videos narrated by women who know! Either they have worked in abortion facilities, experienced an abortion pill method themselves or both. I thank Abby Johnson for setting up this site and for her tireless work on behalf of women and those trapped in the abortion industry. We encourage you to watch these videos, learn from them and ensure that you distribute them widely, and if you are a government representative, we sincerely ask you why the information is being kept from women, that there is a safe, effective second chance if they regret taking the abortion pill and they have a window of opportunity of 72 hours in which they can access life saving care for their child – why are women being denied that second choice?

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In my local community, our Right to Life group is facing censorship by our City Council of two ads regarding the abortion pill method. This is what one of the ads state; “Regret taking the abortion pill? You can have a second chance.  1 888 612 3960.”

According to our city’s communications department, abortion pill reversal “is not supported by science” according to two medical bodies in Canada. Both the bodies quoted have a pro-abortion stand, is it any wonder they disagree? Heartbeat International’s 2022 report says 4,000+ babies saved by the reversal including Canadian babies.

The Reversal Process 2022 Impact Report

  • Progesterone is administered to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.
  • An ultrasound confirms viability of the baby.
  • Progesterone treatments continue for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Ongoing support continues through a referred local pregnancy center.

Yet our message is being censored, although we are not giving up. Abortion politics is at work here and we will not stand for it anymore.

Our second ad states; “The abortion pill safe with 4X higher incidence of adverse events compared to surgical abortion? Legal ≠ Safe”

The reason for the city’s censorship of this message is “The city’s obligations under Ontario Law include not publishing defamatory comment.”

 Well, I am still confused about this reason since we named no one nor quoted them incorrectly. The following Finnish study which compared government records of approximately 45,000 abortions found the following.

 Results: The overall incidence of adverse events was fourfold higher in the medical compared with surgical abortion cohort (20.0% compared with 5.6%, P<.001). Hemorrhage (15.6% compared with 2.1%, P<.001) and incomplete abortion (6.7% compared with 1.6%, P<.001) were more common after medical abortion. The rate of surgical (re)evacuation was 5.9% after medical abortion and 1.8% after surgical abortion (P<.001). Although rare, injuries requiring operative treatment or operative complications occurred more often with surgical termination of pregnancy (0.6% compared with 0.03%, P<.001). No differences were noted in the incidence of infections (1.7% compared with 1.7%, P=.85), thromboembolic disease, psychiatric morbidity, or death.

Niinimäki M, Pouta A, Bloigu A, Gissler M, Hemminki E, Suhonen S, Heikinheimo O. Immediate complications after medical compared with surgical termination of pregnancy. Obstet Gynecol. 2009 Oct;114(4):795-804. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0b013e3181b5ccf9. PMID: 19888037.

Medication Abortion and Abortion Pill Reversal: An Exploratory Analysis on the Influence of Others in Women’s Decision-Making

Women deserve to know the truth, that abortion pill reversal is a very real option if they change their mind within 72 hours after taking the abortion pill, and that medical abortion inherently carries 4 times higher rates of the most serious side effects of surgical abortion. Why on earth would we not inform women of these facts? It must change and change soon.