Misinformation, Disinformation and the Abandonment of Women by the Abortion Industry and the Government

I saved precious babies from pills-by-post terminations… but nearly paid with my career’: NHS consultant tells how he beat a ‘campaign’ to have him struck off for ‘abortion reversals’ he provided to 65 women for free.

We have received some wonderful news from Dr. Dermot Kearney in the UK. Who has been completely exonerated of any medical or ethical wrong-doing in providing abortion pill reversal to women who had changed their minds after taking the first pill used in medical abortion.

Dr. Kearney explained to us last Fall, “You probably know that I and the one other doctor in the UK prescribing Progesterone for abortion pill rescue have been prohibited from continuing to offer this service to women in the UK who request it. We are both under investigation by the General Medical Council following fabricated allegations by a number of pro-abortion groups and abortion providers. Unfortunately, the GMC have, so far, endorsed the complaints and say they need to be thoroughly investigated, even though no material evidence has been produced to demonstrate malpractice or wrong-doing. 

A recent UK article states:

“But now the GMC has dropped all sanctions against the doctor – and will no longer pursue its investigation – after concluding that there was no evidence of wrongdoing. It speaks volumes about Dr Kearney’s approach that the GMC could find no women prepared to act as witnesses to complain about their treatment. On the contrary, the watchdog was inundated with statements from those who praised his ‘kind and caring’ attitude at what was undoubtedly one of the worst moments of their lives.”

In short Between June 2020 and April 2021 around 150 women approached pro-life doctors in the UK for help after they regretted taking the first dose of the abortion pillDr. Kearney reports that around 90 women contacted him and of these, 70 went on to take the suggested progesterone and of these, 37 went on to deliver healthy babies giving a success rate of 50%. Prior to offering the abortion pill reversal procedure. Dr. Kearney sought advice from the National Health System England, the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians and the General Medical Council which did not back the treatment, but crucially did not say that it would be breaking any rules.

Abortion Pill Reversal (Rescue) makes complete medical sense, it is scientifically proven and is safe. Dr. Donna Harrison has provided expert witness in many US Courts in this regard, “…using natural progesterone to counter the effects of ingested mifepristone is logical, medically speaking, and founded on basic principles of biochemistry, animal studies and analysis of human experience..” Dr. Donna Harrison – District Court of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma No: CV 2019- 2176.

Following the money

We need to follow the money since it appears it is mostly abortion advocates and abortion providers who have a problem with APR and are leading the fight against it in the UK and Canada.

Take a look at the following quote from Action Canada, which receives over $3 million of Canadian tax payers dollars annually, in a letter regarding the effect of COVID-19 on provision of tele-med abortion, to Health Canada.

We are deeply concerned that we will see a significant increase in unplanned pregnancies in the months to come coupled with limited access to abortion services. Abortion providers are flexible and adaptive, and have moved as many components of care as possible to telemedicine, but the lack of billing codes that appropriately compensate for this care is a major barrier to implementation.“

Doesn’t it just say it all? Dr. Kearney provides life-saving Abortion Pill Rescue “for free” but it appears that “a major barrier to implementation” for Canadian abortion providers is “the lack of billing codes that appropriately compensate for this care.” It shows you the difference in commitment, a pro-life doctor will save a life for free, but abortion providers will not take a life without a means of financial compensation!!!!! The abortion industry is only as dedicated to their cause as long as funding permits. Perhaps it’s time to once again ask our provincial governments to defund abortion. It is clearly not in the interests of abortion providers to allow women to change their minds midway through the procedure. It is outrageous that an industry which profits from the provision of abortion seeks to deny a second chance at choice to women who change their minds.

Abortion Pill Reversal is Safe

There is no evidence to suggest that progesterone treatment to reverse a chemical abortion can prove harmful for mothers or their unborn children.

Dr. Kearney explains,

There have been no adverse effects reported on any of the babies born and the US experience confirms that, if babies survive, there is no increased risk of congenital malformations or other congenital problems, despite the exposure to Mifepristone in early pregnancy. That is very important information to give to each mother who seeks help. Mifepristone will either kill the baby or it will have no effect. The pro-abortion groups all agree on that.

 It is important to look at the baby survival rates in the overall context:

 If the mother takes both Mifepristone and Misoprostol as directed by the abortion provider there is a 1-2% chance that her baby might still manage to survive. Those who manage to survive are subsequently usually murdered by a surgical abortion procedure.

 If the mother takes Mifepristone, changes her mind and does not take Misoprostol, but does not receive Progesterone therapy (or receives it very late, or doesn’t continue the rescue treatment), there is a 20-25% chance that her baby might still survive.

 If the mother takes Mifepristone, changes her mind, seeks help and receives appropriate Progesterone rescue therapy and completes the recommended course, there is at least a 50% chance that her baby will survive.

 Progesterone can double the baby survival rate in the UK if administered promptly after Mifepristone and continued to at least 14-15 weeks.

The lower success rate in the UK is put down to the fact that there is not much information regarding abortion pill reversal availability, and by the time the women find out about this second chance they are at the limit of the time when the reversal works most successfully. In North America the success rate is 64-68%!

Dr. Kearney has offered his expertise to assist us with the assault against the Alliance for Life Ontario APR information, by the pro-abortion groups, Action Canada, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, not to mention MP Pam Damoff, all of whom continue to misinform women regarding abortion pill reversal, insisting it is unsafe, unproven and ineffective despite the scientific and medical evidence to the contrary!

MP Pam Damoff

On April 14th 2021 during debate on Bill C-233 the Sex-Selective Abortion Act, Pam Damoff made statements, including the one below regarding our organization. In any other venue MP Pam Damoff’s comments would be slanderous. However, spoken in the House of Commons they are protected by “Parliamentary privilege” and therefore our association has had no redress and these false statements will remain in the official parliamentary record, the Hansard, unchallenged.

“The rise of the anti-choice movement has also led to dangerous online misinformation campaigns sponsored by Alliance for Life Ontario, spreading dangerous falsehoods about medical abortion. This is part of a larger ideological initiative that seeks to misinform individuals and restrict their reproductive rights…

What is medical abortion, and why does the anti-choice movement want to convince Canadian women that it is unsafe and can be reversed? To begin with, medical abortions have been practiced all over the world for more than 30 years. Despite three decades of evidence that proves they are safe and effective, they were only made available in Canada since 2017 under our Liberal government. 

There are two drugs that are used for a medical abortion, sold together in a product called Mifegymiso. Mifegymiso is prescribed by a doctor, and it can only be given within the first nine weeks of pregnancy. A woman takes one tablet, and then 24 to 48 hours later the subsequent tablets, and that is it. Medical abortions are safe and effective, and the vast majority of abortions in Canada, about 90%, happen very early in a pregnancy, before the sex of the fetus is even known, I might add.

The campaign is targeting women who are seeking an abortion with wrongful claims that a medical abortion can be reversed mid-procedure, in the 24 to 48 hours after the first tablet. Advocates for the abortion pill reversal frequently cite research from Dr. George Delgado, a medical adviser for the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and medical director of Culture of Life Family Services in San Diego, a self-professed provider of Christ-centred medical care. This research has been condemned by the medical community, and compelling evidence exists that abortion pill reversal is ineffective and potentially dangerous. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada has released a statement condemning the practice, as has the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists…”

We are not alone in falling foul of the MP Damoff’s protection by Parliamentary privilege, a well-respected physician, Dr. George Delgado was also included in her ill-informed tirade. We have contacted MP Damoff twice, with the email below, with no response and therefore we are left with little alternative but to call Pam Damoff out!  On behalf of our Board members and our affiliate member groups across Ontario, I address the following to MP Damoff again:

MP Damoff, if you are so sure that the comments you made regarding our association on April 14th 2021in the House of Commons are correct, we challenge you to repeat them in a venue where both we and the citizens in your riding of Oakville North-Burlington, who share our views and know our organization, may gain redress and the ability to defend, our work and our good reputation. We challenge you to make public the evidence to back your accusations.”

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

Just read the SOGC Statement on Abortion Medication Reversal below. I would really like to see the medical, scientific and ethical evidence that makes medical or surgical abortion “evidence-based treatment”, let alone the evidence which makes abortion pill reversal not good medicine.

“Ottawa, March 19, 2021 – In response to an investigative media article about an abortion “reversal” treatment advertised in Canada, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) released the following statement: 

The SOGC does not support prescribing progesterone to stop a medical abortion. The claims regarding so-called abortion “reversal” treatments are not based on scientific evidence. Not only are the treatments unproven, they can also result in serious complications for the patient.  The Canadian protocol for medical abortion includes counselling to identify those who may be ambivalent about the decision, and to ensure that their decision is made freely, informed and with no coercion. If a patient changes their mind after taking the first tablet, they should contact their care provider. The SOGC fully respects the reproductive and sexual health rights of women, and that every individual is entitled to evidence-based treatment, free of coercion by any external body.”

It seems strange to me that an “investigative media article” appears to have greater weight galvanizing it into making this statement, in the eyes of the SOGC than striking a committee to look into the situation itself. Also, I would really like to have it explained to me how telemedicine medical abortion can “ensure that their decision is made freely, informed and with no coercion.” It is interesting to note that the UK has reversed its decision to allow DIY telemedicine medical abortion for the aforementioned and other safety reasons for women.

Abuse of Power

Early last year a National Post article written by Tom Blackwell, drew a fair picture of what has been happening regarding our AbortionPillReversal.ca website and the following was quoted.

 “Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada spokesperson said the following in response to the failure of one attack on our pro-life work around APR “Health Canada’s reply is very disappointing,” said Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. The coalition and two other other groups were not part of the two advertising complaints but in December they wrote Health Minister Patty Hajdu, requesting that her ministry post a warning online to counter “misinformation” about the reversal process. 

 After Health Canada dismissed the complaints, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada wrote to Hajdu demanding that the Health Ministry post a public disclaimer to counter what it called the “mis-information” about the abortion pill reversal process. Thus far, there has been no response to the request and no dis-claimer has been posted on the Health Canada website.

Action Canada has been throwing a conniption fit about our Abortion Pill Reversal information for the last year or so and have a special project attacking our work.

 “Anti-choice actors and organizations are targeting people seeking abortion with disinformation about an experimental “abortion reversal pill” and wrongfully claiming that medication abortion can be reversed mid-procedure.”

See AFLO’s video countering Action Canada’s fraudulent claims.

So, all in all, it has been a very busy year or so since we launched our abortionpillreversal.ca website and the attacks have been fast and furious. However, Dr. Kearney has showed us that you do not take this lying down you have to go on the offensive and we here at Alliance for Life Ontario will continue to do that until women receive way, way better than abortion from our government and medical profession. Both disciplines should be ashamed at abandoning women to the abortion industry.

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