My home is not my home anymore – it is the placed I killed my baby

This introduction will be short because I have included some very important information for you all to consider which was distributed by Live Action and says everything, I might wish to say to you this month regarding the abortion pill method. Women are enslaved as never before by this drug cocktail abortion method, and so many regret taking the pill almost as soon as they swallow. Now their home, that safe haven that we all need, has become a killing centre, filled with memories of blood, pain, death and the sight of their tiny child.

Abortion destroys the bond between a mother and child, destroys her peace and now destroys the safety of her home. How freeing is that? It has really hit me lately how we are all being encouraged, almost every moment to have regard for our earthly environment – please do not get me wrong – I am all for good stewardship of the earth.  I have no problem stopping practices which could hurt our wonderful world. However, we are encouraged to expand practices which turn a woman’s bodily environment upside down, attacking it’s natural responses and polluting her bloodstream.  A woman’s body can be attacked by all manner of drugs, the contraceptive pill which negates a woman’s natural ability to conceive a child and has negative outcomes for many women:, the abortion pill, which negates a woman’s natural pregnancy by hormonally killing the child and expelling that tiny body from her body again causing many women extreme negative responses and in some cases taking their lives.

Why is it that we protect the natural environment of Mother earth, but not the natural environment of women and their ability to be mothers?

Please watch and SHARE these videos, read the pdf and the watch the Walgreens ad. We need to stop this pill before more babies die and more women are damaged and traumatized.

I Saw My Baby Stories/Videos

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I Saw My Baby White Paper

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Awkward Encounter at Walgreens

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