What a typical statement from our PM regarding abortion, let’s have more abortion and export and support the idea internationally. Abortion leaves one patient dead and the other at risk of physical, emotional, mental, or psychological harm. Studies show that a majority of women abort “wanted” children, they would never have resorted to abortion if they had been supported, and many regret that decision.

On September 25th 2023 a press release informed us of the death of 24yr old, Alyona Dixon of Nevada, dead from sepsis following medical abortion. In Canada a 19 year old teenage girl, whom we know only as adverse event # 001010083, also died of Sepsis following Mifegmiso use on July 4th 2022, it seems that because Sepsis is mentioned as a possibility in the Mifegymiso Product Monograph, this young Canadian teenager is assumed to have accepted that risk!

When will our PM listen and not choose the easiest route for his government which is promotion of abortion and abandonment of women. His statement might satisfy him and a minority of women, but it does not satisfy the majority of us.

P.S. Will someone tell the PM that abortion is NOT a right in Canada – no matter how many times he states it is?

Statement by the Prime Minister on International Safe Abortion Day

September 28, 2023
Ottawa, Ontario

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on International Safe Abortion Day:

“Today, on International Safe Abortion Day, the Government of Canada reaffirms its unwavering commitment to ensuring that women and girls here at home and around the world have access to abortion. We will never put a woman’s right to choose up for debate.

“In 1988, the Criminal Code restrictions on abortion were struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada, and thanks to the tireless work of activists and health care providers, abortions have been a safe and legal part of health care ever since. To ensure women and girls, particularly from marginalized communities and people in remote and rural communities, have access to the reproductive health care they need and deserve, we are investing to remove barriers and make abortion more accessible from coast to coast to coast.

“We are also improving access to abortion beyond our borders through our commitments to global health funding. With women’s rights under attack around the world, we know that banning abortion does not prevent abortions, it just makes them less safe. We will continue to work toward a world where every woman can exercise her fundamental right to make her own reproductive health care choices, no matter where she lives.

“On this International Safe Abortion Day, we renew our commitment to creating a world where people can make their own choices that shape their future, without fear.”