PICK A NUMBER, ANY NUMBER How incomplete data and the suppression of facts puts women’s health at risk Alliance for Life Ontario is thrilled to be able to provide you with our “Pick a Number – Any Number” document that we hope will provide some core information regarding induced abortion, which may suffice as a starting point for a broader and more honest discussion regarding the impact of incomplete data and suppression of facts on women’s health when it comes to abortion in our country. SUMMARY For decades, it has been difficult to obtain any current [...]

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What About The Mitchell Creinin Study?

A new study (Mifepristone Antagonization with Progesterone to Prevent Medical Abortion: A Randomised Controlled Trial ) conducted in January 2020 is often cited as evidence that the Mifeprex  (abortion pill) is safe while the Abortion Pill Reversal (progesterone) is dangerous. When in fact, quite the opposite is true. Dermot Kearney offers a critique of the study: On the Creinin study, and particularly in relation to using the findings in the study to attempt to demonstrate that APR is useless or ineffective, there are many shortcomings that need to be highlighted.  The stated aim of the study was [...]

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Creinin et al Study – Spinning the Results Does Not Protect Women

Dr. Mitchell Creinin et al Study “At a Glance – Spinning the Results Does Not Protect Women” You would think the attempted reversal of abortion was to blame for some horrific outcomes. The truth is the opposite. Some important points to take away from the Creinin et Al study: Before this study was published, it was a known fact that Mifeprex can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, excessive bleeding, and incomplete termination requiring follow-up surgery.   Firstly, a large study of women in Finland undergoing [...]

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Now Here’s The Thing…..

Here is the story as recounted to me regarding what I define as an assault at a 40 days for Life Vigil in Ontario. “There were five of us standing at the vigil site, keeping 10 feet in between each of us. Two young women and a man (mid twenties, all of them) drive up in a car. They came out with a roll of paper, came up to us and said that we were “f**** ridiculous” and how dare we stand there, so they were going to block us.  I replied, oh let me move my box [...]

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The facts about abortions statistics in Canada

Abortions are actually increasing, not decreasing by Patricia Maloney of Run With Life Blog The media has it wrong: New data suggests Canadian clinics and hospitals performing fewer abortions. So does Joyce Arthur. Why? Because what people always report are CIHI's numbers. And CIHI is missing a lot of data based on freedom of information requests I've done. It is a well known fact CIHI under reports abortion numbers because they do not collect data based on fee for service records (i.e. OHIP billings in Ontario). "CIHI captures administrative, clinical and demographic data on induced abortions performed in Canadian hospitals. [...]

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Conference Videos

We had a marvellous conference in Guelph, Ontario, on October 4th-5th, 2019, titled, “50 Years of Abortion: A Time to Cherish Human Life.” Thank you to all who attended! Alliance for Life Ontario brought together an amazing group of speakers for this conference. We live-streamed our speaker's presentations during the conference but if you missed our conference or simple wish to watch them again, we have now have made them available for you to watch at your leisure. Please share this invaluable information far and wide! Dr. Janet Smith Green Sex is Best Dr. Janet Smith The [...]

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Pro-lifers must eschew gestational limits

New paper by Jakki Jeffs shows flaws in International Abortion Standards Law By Dan Di Rocco, The Interim Muddled thinking leads to fatal errors. This is no more so than in the subject of gestational limits, which refers to the age of the unborn child measured in number of weeks This may be a terse way to describe the misguided efforts of WeNeedALaw and the Association for Reformed Political Action both of whom support gestational limits. Mike Schouten, spokesperson for ARPA, espouses the initiative that Canada pass abortion legislation similar to or based on what is called the [...]

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A Time to Cherish Human Life Conference

We are pleased to bring to you the 50 Years of Abortion: A Time to Cherish Human Life Conference on October 4th and 5th, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre in Guelph, Ontario (610 Scottsdale Drive).   A Time to Cherish Human Life Conference Full Conference (includes banquet) $135.00 CAD Friday Sessions Only $75.00 CAD Saturday Sessions Only $75.00 CAD Banquet Only $55.00 CAD This year marks our 30th anniversary. It has been a joy to partner with our provincial groups as we work together to bring about a greater respect for the [...]

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Women do not have a ‘right’ to abortion in Canada

RESPONSE TO COLIN MACKAY: Women have right to abortions Saying abortion is a right over and over does not make it true. The 1988 Supreme Court in Morgentaler did not confer on Canadian women a right to abortion. See page 8 of the Parliamentary Library of Canada document, "Abortion Legal Aspects" revised 1989 #80-9E Molly Duinsmour. Abortion in certain circumstances was made legal in 1969 however, after the law was struck down in 1988 it moved from the legal to the medical realm and is now allowed or tolerated in Canada as a "medical procedure". Stating that [...]

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Premier Ford Stifling Debate

RE: Doug Ford says abortion issue won’t be reopened Dear Premier Ford, Ministers and members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament, I read, with interest, the article below and while I applaud you, Premier Ford for not stifling, freedom of speech, conscience, opinion, religion and expression amongst the provincial Conservative Party members and others, I am concerned about the stifling of debate on such a huge moral issue such as induced abortion. When individuals are voted into Government by the people of a province or a country, there is a placing of great trust in those individuals. There [...]

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