“Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of  a true democratic spirit” Mahatma Ghandi

Over the last few days we have been “treated” to  “Trudeaumockracy”, a cross between a tyranical benevolence and a dictatorship. You can have no thoughts but my thoughts, no opinion, conscience or moral view unless you are willing to vote against them when I say so!  Maybe the next Liberal leader edict will mirror Kim Jong Un and demand every member or candidate will have a Trudeau coiffure – hey why don’t we just go all the way and have Trudeau clones that way they can all look the same. I  can only imagine Mr Trudeau has seen too many episodes of Star Trek and is mixing up his party with the  Borg collective – you will be assimilated – resistance is futile!

Contrary to Mr Trudeau’s idea of democracy – he does not confer freedom of opinion nor does he allow freedom of expression or freedom of conscience  – these are fundamental human rights recognized in Canada and upheld again  recently in the  United Nations Joint Declaration On Universality and Freedom of Expression, May 6th 2014. Mr Trudeau is intolerant of these freedoms claiming adherence not only to party platforms but to his idea of Trudeaumockracy.

Canada has a diverse culture which is truly represented in our political parties. To be a Member of Parliament or represent any political party must not mean you are under fear of exclusion or expulsion because of your beliefs. Nor should you be afraid to express what you believe and vote on that belief. You have have the right to be free from coercion and stigma regarding the values that you hold since you were voted in by constituents who know them. There maybe a case to be made for adherence on certain platforms  but when a leader steps into personal and religious opinions and tramples them down in the public square that is an act of aggression against true democracy and human rights and not to be tolerated. Trudeaumockracy at work!

PS: Will someone please tell Mr Trudeau that this is Canada not America and there is no Constitutional nor Charter Right to abortion!